Citron Bag Large

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Candy Rain
Lavender Blues
Tranquil Water
Preppy White & Blue
Zen Wine & Gold
Yellow Rainbow Hearts
Rain Cotton Candy
Aqua Rainbow Hearts
Yin Yang
Rain Uva
Mindful Mint
Yin Yang Gold
Rain Unicorn
Bright Soul
Dreaming Rainbow
Cocoles Salmon
Grateful Spirit
Giving Hearts Aqua Blue
Giving Hearts Rose Cinnamon
Rose Mint Joy
Cocoles All White
Rose Cocoles

Hand crafted bags made from 100% vegan recyclable plastic. Perfect for your every day lifestyle.

Made from 100% recyclable plastic, they are hand crafted by Mexican artisans. Extremely durable with a rigid structure, they are water-proof and have long handles for easy use as a shoulder bag or handy-carry. Their unique texture and colors have made them perfect for any lifestyle activity, such as a beach day, boating, swimming, tennis, or golf. They are lightweight and made to last for years.


Wipe with a damp cloth and allow to air dry. When used on the beach, rinse bag with a hose and the sand will self-drain through the small fibers of the bag. These artisan bags are flexible, allowing them to be bent and folded without damage. To maintain its shape, store in its original condition. Each bag is handmade and small frays are common.

**PLEASE NOTE pompom colors may vary and initial pompoms are not included.