Send a Little Sunshine

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Posted on April 24 2020

To our Loyal Customers,

The team at our stores, affectionately referred to as “The Tribe,” are the people that have helped you find the perfect gift, selected the outfit that made you feel like a total fox, or jewelry so truly special it makes an outfit and it is always the right size (even after a quarantine).  What has always thrilled me most is hearing that what makes our stores so special is not just what we have, but who we have.  The people that help you at our stores are the thing that makes shopping with us so fun and special. Between the stores we have about fifty on staff.  As most small businesses have had to do, we’ve had to temporarily close Periwinkle, Morley Delray, Morley Darien, Morley Bethesda, Morley Naples and Coco & Co. due to the coronavirus.  Many of our customers have reached out to me asking how they can help. 
So, to answer the question what can you do? Please pick up something nice for yourself or we have created something called SEND A LITTLE SUNSHINE. A surprise happy package that we can send to someone that you want to give a little box of sunshine.  We will help you put together something personal that will brighten someone’s day!  We will be giving suggestions each day on Instagram and Facebook…or feel free to choose something on your own at by clicking the link above or going to, where we are adding things daily.  We are so excited about this—imagine how happy you would be to get a surprise package?!  We will put in a gift message and gift wrap it so now all you need to do is think of whose day you would like to brighten!  Big or small we have something for everyone! Call or email your favorite sales associate—they all would love to hear from you and help you pick out the perfect thing for you and everyone on your list (we have included contact information below).
March is typically our biggest month, so we have tons and tons of new, fabulous gear to share.  All of the stores are doing great online styling sessions and fun videos. Please follow us on social media if you haven’t already (links below) and go to Share things with friends that may not know about us on social media.  It actually will not only help your mood, it will help keep us working and making sure your happy place is ready for you, which I feel confident will be soon. 
Many restaurants are struggling, and it truly makes my heart burst to see the outpouring of support.  At our house we are making sure to order take out to support local restaurants (win-win).  This is what it takes to make sure our favorite restaurants are still there when all of this is over. So, now I ask you to please do the same with retail stores. It is time to support them, they’re the heart of the town. I love Amazon as much as the next gal, but I know I want to have small boutiques and great restaurants where I live. Many other small stores have had to lay off right away and others have already said they will not be able to withstand this and have closed. We are keeping our people on; what we are all going through right now is affecting the health of so many, but also the livelihoods of millions. We are all so incredibly fortunate, and even with the annoyance of the slight inconveniences, I know we all realize just how lucky we are to have food, a safe house to go to, and of course…Netflix. 
How can you work when what you provide is non-essential? People aren’t thinking so much about clothing right now, and ours could be considered a bit of a luxury.  It makes us feel better, and brings joy. That’s what we’ve always been going for. We cannot ever do what we do without you, and that is true now more than ever. Thank you, from our Tribe, for supporting all small businesses, including ours. 
To your health,
@periwinklepics @shopmorley @cocoandcodelray

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